O cd já tem a lista divulgada e conta com muitos intérpretes bons. O disco será duplo e terá seu lançamento no dia 11 de outubro se chamando ” We Were So Turned On”. Entre os cantores, estão Carla Bruni, Duran Duran e Vivian Girls. A renda do cd será revertida para a organização britânica War Child.

Disco 1:

“Space Oddity” (Exitmusic)
“Boys Keep Swinging” (Duran Duran)
“Sound + Vision” (Megapuss)
“Ashes To Ashes” (Warpaint)
“Be My Wife” (Corridor)
“Always Crashing In The Same Car” (Charlift)
“John, I’m Only Dancing” (Vivian Girls)
“Fame” (All Leather)
“We Are The World” (Afraid Of Americans)
“Suffragette City” (A Place to Bury Strangers)
“Repetition” (Tearist)
“Look Back In Anger” (Halloween Swim Team)
“Fashion” (Afghan Raiders)
“Theme From Cat People” (The Polyamorous Affair)
“Red Money” (Swahili Blonde feat. John Frusciante)
“I’m Deranged” (Jessica 6)
“African Night Flight” (Aska w/ Moon & Moon)
“China Girl” (Xu Xu Fang)

Disco 2:

“Heroes” (VOICEsVOICEs)
“Absolute Beginners” (Carla Bruni)
“Blue Jean” (Papercranes)
“Life on Mars?” (Keren Ann)
“Changes” (Lewis & Clarke)
“It Aint Easy” (Zaza)
“Soul Love” (Genuflex)
“Bewley Brothers” (Sister Crayon)
“Art Decade” (Marco Benevento)
“Ashes To Ashes” (Mick Karn)
“World Falls Down” (Lights)
“The Superman” (Aquaserge)
“Starman” (Caroline Weeks)
“Quicksand” (Rainbow Arabia)
“Sound + Vision” (Mechanical Bride)
“Memory Of A Free Festival” (Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros)