Logo após do Dia Internacional da Mulher, a revista masculina norte-americana “Esquire”, divulga uma lista com os “75 cd’s que todo homem deve ter”. Ainda avisa que a lista não tem ordem específica e que é “incompleta”, mas traz álbuns bons do mesmo jeito.

Vários gêneros foram contemplados, Punk, representado pelos Ramones, Clash, Minor Threat, Soul representado pelos Otis Redding, Ray Charles, Temptations e Hip Hop representado pelos NaS, Notorious B.I.G., Beastie Boys, entre outros aí. Possuí aqueles velhos conhecidos de sempres Beatles, Rolling Stones, David Bowie e também os não tão consagrados Explosions In The Sky, Luna, Bill Calahan. A lista também traz poucas mulheres.

“Darkness on the edge of town”, Bruce Springsteen
“Phases and stages”, Willie Nelson
“The Stone Roses”, The Stone Roses
“Lust for life”, Iggy Pop
“The rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars”, David Bowie
“Live at the Apollo”, James Brown
“What’s going on”, Marvin Gaye
“Crooked rain, crooked rain”, Pavement
“Illmatic”, NaS
“Dire Straits”, Dire Straits
“American beauty, Grateful Dead
“Out of step”, Minor Threat
“Aftermath”, The Rolling Stones
“Paul’s boutique”, The Beastie Boys
“Led Zeppelin I”, Led Zeppelin
“Imperial bedroom”, Elvis Costello
‘The Cars”, The Cars
“Being there”, Wilco
“Destroyer”, KISS
“The bends”, Radiohead
“Gettin’ ready”, The Temptations
“Highway to hell”, AC/DC
“The dictionary of soul”, Otis Redding
“The headphone masterpiece”, Cody Chessnut
“The good, the bad, and the ugly soundtrack”, Ennio Morricone
“Blood on the tracks”, Bob Dylan
“Take a giant step/De ole foiks at home”, Taj Mahal
“Catch a fire”, Bob Marley
“MTV Unplugged in New York”, Nirvana
“The best of Mississippi John Hurt (Live at Oberlin College, 1966)”, Mississippi John Hurt
“The Traveling Wilburys, Vol. 1”, The Traveling Wilburys
“Live at the Old Quarter, Houston, Texas”, Townes Van Zandt
“Woke on a whaleheart”, Bill Callahan
“Rubber soul”, The Beatles
“The Velvet Underground & Nico”, Velvet Underground
“Workin’ together”, Ike & Tina Turner
“The Earth is not a cold dead place”, Explosions in the Sky
“True stories”, Talking Heads
“This is hardcore”, Pulp
“Appetite for destruction”, Guns N’ Roses
“In the wee small hours”, Frank Sinatra
“Sketches of Spain”, Miles Davis
“Combat rock”, The Clash
“Road to ruin”, The Ramones
“Marquee moon”, Television
“Animals”, Pink Floyd
“Doolittle”, The Pixies
“The adventures of Slick Rick”, Slick Rick
“Ready to die”, The Notorious B.I.G.
“The unreleased recordings”, Hank Williams
“Ten’, Pearl Jam
“Band of gypsys”, Jimi Hendrix
“Brighter than creation’s dark”, Drive-By Truckers
“Modern sounds in country and western music”, Ray Charles
“…And justice for all”, Metallica
“Fair warning”, Van Halen
“Reasonable doubt”, Jay-Z
“Pet sounds”, Beach Boys
“Exile in Guyville”, Liz Phair
“Look sharp!”, Joe Jackson
“Songs in the key of life”, Stevie Wonder
“Rage Against the Machine”, Rage Against the Machine
“Who’s next”, The Who
“Left to his own devices”, Vic Chessnut
“Sinfonia Nº. 5”, Beethoven
“Night beat”, Sam Cooke
“Songs of Leonard Cohen”, Leonard Cohen
“Penthouse”, Luna
“Buena Vista Social Club”, Buena Vista Social Club
“Small change”, Tom Waits
“Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison (Live)”, Johnny Cash
“Harvest”, Neil Young
“Mingus ah um”, Charles Mingus
“Sinfonia Nº. 5”, Gustav Mahler
“Grace”, Jeff Buckley